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In the vicinity of McLimon hotel there are plenty fun activities that we can recommend if you wish to spend some time in Nový Jičín and the surrounding. Countryside we have chosen activities for the more athletic guests as well as fun recreational activities. For more informations, please check with the hotel reception.


Tennis courts

There are several high-quality tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor. The nearest McLimon court is about 50 meters away.


An attractive sport of articulated freesbee throwing combined with golf. Active sport for the whole family.


Single trails - Devil's trails

In the surrounding woods there are many mountain bike and downhill trails. The downhill trial runs over the rivers, jumps and, tilted curves. If you are looking for adrenaline, we recommend it.


Cycling trail Nový Jičín - Hostašovice

Total length 9.7 km, connected with "Zrzávka trip". In the winter months it is also possible to use the cycle path for cross-country skiing.



On a nearby pond you can try your skill in fishing in an artificial pond in the center of the town towards Valašské Meziříčí. Your catch will blow away.


Svinec Ski Resort

Near the center a 700 m high hill ideal for beginner and experienced skiers and snowboarders.


Ruins of Starý Jičín Castle

Castle ruin over the village of Starý Jičín. The castle was built at the end of the 12th or the beginning of the 13th century, the first written mention of it dates back to 1240. It was built on the site of the original wooden fortress and thanks to its strategic location and wide view of the surrounding area, it was primarily used as a protection of the so-called Amber Trail to Poland. At the beginning of the 20th century, patriotic Count BedřichDeym of Střítež sought to restore the fortress. And Since 1958 it has been protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.


Technical Museum TATRA

In Kopřivnice, a town that was made famous by Emil Zátopek, but also by Tatra cars, you will find one permanent exhibition. Visit the most comprehensive collection dedicated to the Koprivnice road, later famous as the phenomenal Tatra car manufacturer. Sixty cars and trucks from all stages of production are complemented by chassis, engines, models, designer designs, sporting trophies, period photographs and various rarities. A lot of interesting and exhausting information provides multilingual video tapes with film sequences of automotive jewels. Address: Záhumenní 367/1, 742 21 Kopřivnice


Exposition of Tonak hats

A unique exposition devoted to the technological process of making a hat is located on the first floor of the Visitors Center. In addition to the main staircase, the lift is provided with barrier-free access. Tickets for the exhibition are available at the Tourist Information Center, in the entrance area of the Visitors Center.

Upon entering the exposition, a clear graphic scheme will guide you along the tour. You will gradually become acquainted with the remarkable process of making hats, in an engaging and fun way.

Thanks to the interactive features, you will experience an active tour to reveal the making of a hat from the raw material to the finely adorned product. You also know the history of the hat and finally you can play on the hat designer in the creative workshop.




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