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Relaxing in a hot sauna and listening to soothing music is for many people the best way to relax from everyday stress. A light sleeping under the starry sky on a heated bed or in hot whirlpool will give your energy for the next days..


In our wellness complex includes:

  • salt sauna
  • steamer cabin
  • cooling showers
  • whirlpool
  • two relaxation rooms



  • open every day
  • reservations at least 1,5 hour in advance
  • only private rents
  • up to 12 people in the whole space


  • Private wellness Monday - Sunday 58 € / 2 hours for 4 person
  • every next person + 14 €
  • free towels and sheets
  • free chilled water with ice and lemon
  • possibility to order any drinks from the restaurant






More about our wellness programs

Steam cabin:

Steam cabins are ideal for enhancing the complete immune system. The steam relaxes the body and mind, helps the elimination of stress and tensio.Inside the steamer cabins is completeli perfections  combination of heat and humidity. The steam cabin inhale a mist, which moisturize the airways, it releases mucus and cleanses the body. When your cou, chills or chronic diseases can to help strengthen the body's defenses fragrant essences, such as eucalyptus or mint.

Salt sauna:

Our  sauna with warms lighting and a warm glow  exerts a warm impression positively on the human psyches. Witch a balanced ratio of humidity (30-60%) and temperature (about 40 ° -70 ° C) with a well person breathes and breathes air so saturated rare minerals that are part of the unique microclimate of salt.

Whirlpool bathtub:

Perfect relaxation for all our senses spa also offers ten-pin in the bathtub. Bath procure the jets, which is beneficial for the back muscles and legs. Bubbles flowing from the jets you will be pleasantly pampered. In our whirlpool tub with warm lighting fits up to 5 people. Perfect relaxation in a romantic hideaways or private relaxing evening in more people.


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